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A state of happiness

The rather longish ride from Athens towards mythical Peloponnese acts as a preparation for the absolute retreat experience. And indeed, Euphoria immerses you in a state of happiness, living up fully to its name. Nearby legendary Sparta, known to all through history books and blockbuster Hollywood movies, is just a short ride away from the UNESCO protected Mystras where Euphoria rises just below the famed castle under the same name.

The retreat harmoniously blends in with the landscape and its own pine forest, creating a fresh aromatic breeze throughout the day and night. The elegant staff gracefully guide you to your stylish yet unpretentious cocoon, politely explaining the rules that strike you at first but then make perfect sense. Restricted usage of cell phones and an alcohol-free concept, aim to reintroduce the residents to a balanced and more zen way of life. The cuisine with the freshest of ingredients from local farmers equally contributes to the cleansing and purification process, with specific bespoke programs adapted to one’s individual needs.

The founder, Marina Efraimoglou, a passionate supporter of healthy living, embraced the wellbeing concept out of personal experiences and left nothing to chance upon designing Euphoria.

Time spent at this holistic retreat acts as a catalyst, as it heals, transforms and rejuvenates both body and soul through a blend of ancient Greek and Chinese wellbeing therapies and practices.

Myrto Toufexi Kleovoulou

Creative Writer / Storyteller

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