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In a world of so much choice it is not just what we write, but how we communicate with the right tone, through rich vocabulary and meaningful words. 


My talent is to deliver focused content through clear, concise, and creative writing.  My academic background in Europe and the USA, coupled with a long-time involvement within the Hospitality and Travel sectors, was the launching pad in expressing feelings, moments and experiences through captivating storytelling. 


My approach of conveying what I visualize in trendy, free flowing and eloquent English sets me apart as a “think out of the box” writer rather than a conventional one. My extensive copywriting skills enable me to successfully tackle any content for all types of industries, aimed to attract a particular readership or target market. 


Transmitting vibrant stories on intriguing destinations and happenings is my passion. Narratives that educate and delight, by highlighting your brand, is my expertise.

copywriter / creative writer


'Convey to me your needs, thoughts, ideas, and I will create a dynamic content with beautiful words.

That’s a promise!' Myrto Toufexi Kleovoulou

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my talent 

 I specialise in creative writing for the Hospitality and Travel sectors, in captivating storytelling and tailoring of any content to a particular readership or target market.

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