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Culinary Evolution


Moving on from years of running his quaint eatery, Ta Piatakia (Little Plates), Roddy Damalis evolves and decides to specialize in private events at his new countryside escape.  Blame it on his endless creativity or willingness to pioneer and courageously move on to a brand-new gastronomic concept, the result is astounding.  Right at the outskirts of Limassol, on top of a hill with stunning views of the rolling fields and the Mediterranean Sea is Roddy’s new base for sumptuous feasts, joyful celebrations, and motivational master classes. The elegant interior with heirlooms from the Chef’s colourful life, spanning from South Africa to Greece and then his homeland Cyprus, captures the essence of a homey yet flamboyant functions space. A longish monastic setup, below antique chandeliers, is where Roddy will graciously serve his signature delights in his unpretentious and cheerful style. Dining under the stars, during the summer months, will be staged at his varied level terraces, adorned with fragrant herbs and indigenous plants.  A melange of his South African taste bud experiences and Cypriot traditional family recipes results in an explosion of flavours and an elegant fusion of such distant worlds. Roddy Damalis is not just a celebrated Chef but rather a food dreamer, a restless soul who sets no limits to his unstoppable originality apparent in all his dishes.  Roddy’s new culinary playground certainly promises to entice and offer exceptional get together moments.


Myrto Toufexi Kleovoulou

Creative Writer / Storyteller 

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