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The Art of Calm

A sense of Zen follows you throughout, as you step in this hidden and classically appointed elegant acropolis.  The windy route at Kranidi, passing through humble homes amongst wild shrubs and untamed vegetation, does not prepare you for this hilltop encounter. 

Strolling through marbled corridors, interrupted by scented herbs, aged olive trees, infinity pools, exceptional objets d’art and a myriad of colonnades, makes it feel like heaven on earth.  I find myself whispering, so as not to interrupt the silence, although all 38 rooms are fully occupied by most privileged guests from all corners of the world.  It’s all about immersing oneself into an exclusive lifestyle journey, led by appropriately trained staff guaranteeing to satisfy all wishes.

All is meticulously conceived and designed by Edward Tuttle, the master of Aman architects, carefully selecting local material and decor artefacts reminiscent of glorious Greek eras, with a minimalist twist.

Being early afternoon we first head towards the Resort’s beach club, thinking that this incredible concept and feeling of absolute relaxation is surreal, as even the sea and stretch of white sand are polished to perfection. Just by simply feasting on a gourmet salad, with absolutely fresh produce from the area, while sipping a local rose wine and gazing at the scenery it feels divine. I nervously blink my eyes just to make sure that I am not dreaming, as I often do these days. 

Close to renowned Porto Heli, on the east coast of Peloponnese, populated by holiday mansions belonging to famed Greek tycoons, the residents can be dropped off at nearby Spetses or Hydra, with one of the resort’s luxurious private yachts, for a change of scenery and a taste of island life.

Superbly appointed suites, or rather extravagant retreats, part of a collection of standalone stone villas with flat roofs planted with fragrant Mediterranean herbs, have it all and the invasion of marble is a chic reminder of Amanzoe’s dominant Greek identity.  Right before dusk, the light passes playfully from the marbled covered doors and when darkness falls there are no words to describe the ambiance of discreet lighting, mainly from the starlit sky and occasional full moon.

Amanzoe, rightfully meaning “peaceful life” is one of the Aman resorts, or rather havens, conceived by famed hotelier and founder Adrian Zecha, who envisioned the creation of such boutique masterpieces in faraway places, amongst natural surroundings offering extravagant service, beyond one’s imagination. 

A superb concept, mastering to the fullest the art of calm.


by Myrto Toufexi Kleovoulou

Creative Writer / Storyteller

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