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An awesome vision

Passing by the humble Kalamata airport, next to a proud Greek air force base, does not prepare you for your next destination, the majestic Costa Navarino.   Not even hearing about this location do you conceive the exclusivity and uniqueness of such a project, thinking it’s just another seaside retreat.

The three-hour drive from Athens, equally impressive and smooth, was worth every minute, realizing that it’s correct when they say that patience is a true virtue. Our navigator announced that we reached our destination, the Westin resort that co-exists side by side with the more luxurious Romanos, but at the same time both designed with total respect to the surrounding natural environment of olive trees, wild herbs and endless bushes of aromatic lavender.  All my senses are suddenly bombarded by so much that I feel overwhelmed and at the same time so content that I am finally here, after planning to visit for so long.  

There must be a story behind all this, which I am really eager to learn. “It was a lifetime dream”, we are told by our kind hostess, “that of Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos”, making me even more intrigued.  He wanted to financially support the locals, provide a good standard of living and set high standards envied worldwide with love and utter passion, placing the rich in history and traditions Messinia in the jet setters map. One here resides in total luxury, spoiled by culinary choices, pampered by an innovative Spa and entertained by a myriad of happenings all designed to delight and indulge.  During a relaxed lunch by the Resort’s Golf Club, a kind sommelier entices us to try organic wines from their nearby Navarino vineyards, with the label 1827 after the battle of Navarino, a notable date which secured Greek independence.  

Nothing surprises me anymore and I am constantly amazed by all I hear and observe, like a little child discovering its wonderland! 

The late Captain or Kapetanios, as they call him, transformed his beloved birthplace in a much envied secluded hideaway, passing on his legacy to his sons, so as to maintain such an awesome vision.


by Myrto Toufexi  Kleovoulou                                                                                                    

Creative Writer / Storyteller 

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