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A country like Greece

Greece is on a holiday mode during all seasons in many colourful ways. In the heat of the summer cool off on one of those Athenian terraces, each competing for the best view of the Acropolis. Lounge about by the Athens Riviera and parade gracefully at one of the hotspot beaches or pool sides with the sole purpose to see and to be seen, as done by the Greeks. Or yet head towards Messinia for some glam accommodation with luxurious surroundings, but if you have the urge for some tranquillity magical Monemvasia is your place, enjoying the long ride from Athens. If the sea is what you desire say no more as a nearby island awaits. It is true that Greece spoils you with infinite choices like no other in this world. The Greeks not only can unveil an endless collection of locations but have mastered to the fullest the art of entertainment, wellbeing and welcoming of visitors or as its widely known philoxenia. The eclectic Greek taste extends to their food preparation with an enviable brigade of gifted Chefs proudly presenting their epicurean dishes, achieving stardom with the ultimate Michelin star distinction. The artistic inclination, deeply rooted from ancient times expresses itself in many forms, either with mind blowing jewellery designers, fashion gurus, classy interiors and in well-known hotel chains, newly opened with a Greek twist, such as the Athens Marriott and Grand Hyatt Athens, both on different ends of corporate Syngrou avenue.

Lots of kefi or joie de vivre, with joy of conversation, joy of eating or simply joy of living the moment, coupled with an endless creativity and eagerness to thrive describes perfectly a country like Greece.


Myrto Toufexi Kleovoulou

Creative Writer / Storyteller

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